An extended value proposition

A pathway for rapid ROI realization.

Data management

The exponential growth of data is presenting organizations several challenges ranging from storage, security to value extraction. Moreover, some of the most valuable data is coming from new sources that existing customer technology infrastructure have not not been adapted to harness.

Our data architects and consultants work closely with your organization to build a framework and roadmap for success with big data, analytics and business intelligence.

From relational databases to excel workbooks and flat files, to more large scale big data sources, we help you build robust back-end infrasture for aggregating, securing and managing data from all your various sources and presenting it for business value extraction.

Analytics & business modelling

The next big challenge for any enterprise, is to see what actually lies inside their data. Almost always, these insights are locked inside complex relationships in your data that simple SQL or search would be too rudimentary to return much value.

Moreover, for an innovative enterprise, data science must be a journey that delivers increasingly better business reporting capabilities at every stage, towards a sustainable data driven organization.

Our data scientist are subject matter experts and will work closely with your business and technology teams to explore specific insights your organization would like to discover, then design and implement data models specific to those business requirements.

Since we already have the infrastructure for aggregating, securing and visualizing data, we can start delivering business value in just a matter of weeks, and continuously replicate that success across your various lines of business.

Application development

Often, reports can be sufficient to make the best business decisions, but in certain circumstances, the obvious better approach is to automate decision points based on the information in your data. In fact, to be competitive, organizations must be more proactive.

But this requires investment in new whole software projects or customizations on existing applications. This can both expensive and time consuming often diminishing the value of their investment.

With the API infrastructure, our platform presents a unique opportunity for organization to introduce application logic into their information workflows, and extend this into full blown data aware applications.

Since we understand your underlying data models, and leveraging our platform capabilities, we can turn you into a really nimble organization that always stays ahead of competition.

Service management

One of the biggest headaches for IT organizations is to manage the infrastructure that powers the business. This situation is compounded by the number of monitoring applications organizations can have, sometimes as many as the applications or hardware infrastructure deployments.

We believe the best approach is one that consolidates service management functions across all the entire business infrastructure and presents visualization and alarming on an interface that the customer prefers, including SMS, dashboard, email, product wiki etc.

Regardless of your network or service endpoint, our engineers will built a connector for your device and bring it alive onto a unified service management platform that gives you unhindered view of the health of your business operations.