Amplify the value of your data assets.

Unravel the complex relationships within your organizational assets.

For commercial enterprises

Data is now arguably the most valuable currency. But we also know that it's only as valuable as the SPEED at which you can extract that value. Unfortunately, this value is often scattered across silos of organizational systems and databases making its analysis even more untenable.

Our platform integrates data from all your disparate sources to create one coherent and unified system of organizational records on top of which we layer analytical models and applications for your various lines of business.

Our visualization, productivity and search tools are reliable intelligence augmentation tools built to help any business user ask any question from their data, at any time.

By providing you with capabilities for deeper inspection of the relationships in your data, we help you unlock its true potential and help improve the quality and speed of your business decisions.

For public institution

Government agencies have huge amounts of data, but due to the complexity of the Government machinery, data technology investments are often expensive CAPEX ventures for addressing very narrow problem areas.

Moreover, we believe being the custodian of huge data sets makes public institutions some of the most valuable public "enterprises". Our API infrastructure is a pathway for the monetization of that value or simply a plug for private institutions to solve problems governments cannot or do so so efficiently.

Our data management technologies are inexpensive infrastructure alternatives for large scale and fast data processing.

By leveraging our data analysis and productivity tools, we greatly extend the scale and rate at which public institutions can solve complex problems.

For disaster management

We live in a world that’s fairly predictable and we are quite adept at working with repeatable events. But in reality, we also have random events that occur in a non-linear and indeterminate fashion, often leading to unforeseen outcomes.

We believe that early warning and efficient response and recovery effort can significantly change the outcome even in the most severe of circumstances.

By seamlessly integrating situational information and providing tools for real time data interrogation and visualization, we help significantly reduce the number of people exposed to vulnerabilities and the losses occasioned on commercial enterprises as result of disasters.

For not for profit agencies

We recognize the often challenging environments and resource constraints non-profit organizations have to contend with.

From institutions involved in education and healthcare to agencies mobilizing relief effort, we provide a platform for effective impact analysis and better project collaboration

For intelligence & law enforcement

Due to the ever changing strategies and the level of sophistication employed in new security threats, law enforcement and intelligence community must revise the techniques they use so as to better manage security and other criminal activities

Unfortunately, the amount of data officers have to sift through to get intelligence is itself a challenge.

Our solutions enable security agencies to quickly extract useful intelligence from their, share the intelligence with collaborating teams and ultimately deflect threats by deploying response more effectively.