We are a purpose driven company

Our goal is to transform enterprises using data

We are creating for the future

We are helping build a world of data driven organizations and solving some of the most complex problem in enterprises. To innovate this future requires both clarity of purpose and an unparalleled commitment to our mission.

We are diverse and so are the problems we solve

We are a team of engineers, computer scientists, investments bankers, and user experience designers. We have spent our time developing big data technologies in word's biggest cloud provider, deploying largest telecommunications platforms in the world or developing financial risk management models in the world's largest asset manager. We have tinkered with robots and designed algorithms for identification of disease-causing receptors from proteins.

We are customer obsessed

We place customer relationships above everything else. And because we believe every customer's data journey is unique, we send our analysts to work closely with our customers to understand their pains, objectives and priorities and design solution that address those problems. Instead of delivering one off solution, we help our customers develop long term maturing capabilities and to get the best value from their investment.

Our Values


We are team of peers with diverse backgrounds and unique personalities brought together by a passion for solving some of the most complex problems our customers face. To keep sight of our goal, we have created a platform that encourages open collaboration and trust individual team members over their area of responsibility.


We are a lean company committed to principles of Agile and continuous delivery. Adhering to Agile principles help us keep focus on our mission, to produce results constantly.


We not only value innovation but our entire survival depends on it. Creating a future means constanly experimenting with novel and often hypothetical ideas. We have been able to introduce interesting design concepts and faster data ingestion techniques as a results. We are constantly looking for opportunities to learn from each other and from our customers.


Our customer depend on us to make the most critical decisions and to run their enterprises. This amount of responsibility requires reliability to be a core element of our DNA.