We are helping build data
driven enterprises.

Our platform helps you discover meaningful insights from your data, at any time.

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A platform for long term data science capabilities

Bring data from multiple
sources together

A robust data management layer for secure, super fast and large scale data integration from unstructured, cloud, social media, big data, and relational data sources.

Unlock the potential in
your data

Connect the dots and derive deeper, meaningful insights from your data using our comprehensive set of data modeling and analytics tools.

Enable better teamwork
around data

Our data collaboration tools break silos and enable a culture of data driven decision making across the entire organization.

Enrich your data with
better visualization

Beautiful data visualizations and universal human friendly search engine revolutionizing the way users interact with their data.

Extend the value of your data
with applications

An API framework allows you to quickly introduce logic into your information workflows or build full blown applications on top of your data models.